Pestalozzi European Modules: Education for linguistic and cultural diversity (LCD)



This trainer training series complements the activities of the Education Directorate in particular with regard to

ˇ the ongoing project “Policies and practices for teaching socio-cultural diversity”
ˇ the ongoing work on intercultural education

The training material the Module series wants to develop and pilot will focus on how to “make best use of linguistic and cultural diversity in the classroom and across the curriculum”. The focus is not on general intercultural education or the promotion of intercultural understanding, neither is it to look at special measures to draw attention to the diversity or to alleviate problems that diversity may cause or to offer “remedial” measures for pupils from a different linguistic and cultural background. This focus rather wants to look at how in every discipline – and in school life in general - one can draw benefit from the diversity present in the classroom.

The five phases of the module series are coordinated by a team of facilitators led by Ildiko Lázár, Hungary. The coordination of the methodological approach is carried out by Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard in close collaboration with the Secretariat.



After Module A (European Youth Centre, Budapest) and Module B (European Youth Centre Budapest, with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Education) which have taken place in 2007 and 2008, the participants are now piloting their training resources. A Module C will be organised in February 2009 in Cracow with the support of the Polish Ministry of Education.




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