Pestalozzi European Modules: Education for democratic citizenship and human rights (EDC/HRE)



The module series on EDC/HRE started in summer 2006. It was the first series of the new trainer training scheme of the Pestalozzi Programme and was planned to last until spring/summer 2007. The first module (Module A) took place in Strasbourg at the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe and the second module (Module B) in Brdo pri Kranju in Slovenia with the support of the Slovene Ministry of Education and Sport.

The five phases of the module series were coordinated by a team of facilitators led by Mitja Sardoc, Slovenia. The work between the modules, in particular networking over the online platform was moderated by Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard.

One of the main outcomes of the module series is a collection of training resources which have been developed by the participants, piloting, reviewed and edited. They are now available for interested teachers and teacher trainers (see link below) to try them out, to adapt them and further develop them. The Pestalozzi Programme would appreciate to receive feedback on the available resources and to include further resources developed on the basis of our model in its online collection.

The participants who have completed this training series are now part of our network of trainers who contribute in different ways to the work of the Pestalozzi Programme as well as to other projects of the Education Directorate.



01/11/2008 – The Pestalozzi training resources EDC/HRE are online



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