Pestalozzi European Modules: Education for the prevention of violence in schools




The training course will focus on making the school environment a safe space for learners where everyone can live and work, learn and play without fear. An atmosphere, where each child feels welcome, recognised and respected, where individual needs and learning styles are understood, lies at the core of a safe learning space.

The absence of these features make the space unsafe and prevents children from developing their full potential. Thus if we want to prevent violence in schools we must make violent behaviour a non-option in our schools. It is the task of all education professionals to contribute to this through educational action.

After the Modules the participants will be in better position to contribute to the prevention of violence; in particular they will be better equipped to: raise awareness in learners, in their families and communities; act on the underlying causes of violent behaviour; establish and maintain a learning environment where violence is not an option; respond to violence when it occurs; and contribute to making schools a safe place of learning and living.



    - 20/06– 22/06/2012, Module B, Rafael Hotel in Madrid, Spain
    - 19/04 – 20/04/2012, preparatory meeting of the team of facilitators

    - 29/11 – 02/12/2011, Module A, European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, Council of Europe
    - 28/03 – 29/03/2011, 1st preparatory meeting of the team of facilitators of the module series



Description of this module series (pdf)