Pestalozzi European Modules: Diversity of world views and world knowledge in the classroom


Diversity of VIEWS


We live in a time where socially and culturally homogeneous classrooms are a thing of the past – if they have ever existed at all on a wide scale. Diversity is the rule in the societies of today and this finds its reflection in the heterogeneous composition of every classroom. Learners bring with them a diversity of world views and beliefs, of knowledge about the world surrounding them as well as a diversity of capacities and dispositions to name but a few of the key elements.

Deadline for the nomination of participants: 18 September 2010




- 15/06 – 17/06/2011, Module B, European Centre for Modern Languages, Graz, Austria
- 14/06/2011, 2nd preparatory meeting of Module B
- 11/04 – 12/04/2011, 1st preparatory meeting of Module B
- 09/11-12/112010, Module A, European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France
- 28/06 -29/06/2010, 1st preparatory meeting of the team of facilitators of the module series



Description of this module series (pdf)