The ICE and LCD training resources of the Pestalozzi programme offer teachers and trainers of primary and secondary schools a « bank of activities » to learn to better teach and better live the values of the Council of Europe in intercultural education and education for socio-cultural diversity.

They were developed by experts who participated in the training modules for teacher trainers. They were edited for publication by Ms Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard (for ICE), General Rapporteur of the Module series, and by Ms Ildikó Lázár (for LCD), coordinator of the module series on education for linguistic and cultural diversity. We invite you to consult them, to use them and send us your comments in order that we can continue to improve them.






Concepts and principles of ICE

Ferenc Öcsi Arato

Créer un espace de cultue partragée dans une classe

Danièle Janssen

Diversity, the bricks and mortar of Europe

Sylvia Jindra & Robert Etlinger

Barbara Orlowska

ICE, environment and sustainable development

Laura Gobbi

Inclusive schools

Katica Pevec Semec

Intercultural competences

Filomena Cassis

Learning to live with diversity

Louise Cutajar-Davis

Understanding the pedagogy of ICE

Arthur Ivatts

Why is respect for human rights an essential value in our societies?

Rasa Askinyte-Degesiene




Benefiting from diversity through understanding major transitions in life

Elisabeth Furch

Benefiting from diversity in the lower primary language classroom

Toralf Tveit

Learning about differences in perception and expression

Lovorka Zergollern-Miletić

The social profit of social and linguistic diversity and intercultural cooperation in the classroom

Liutauras Degesys

La découvte des différences de rythme et de mode de vie à l'occasion d'un échange scolaire

Klimek-Kowalska Renata

Folktales from all over the world

Theodoros Maniakas

Sharing existing cultural and linguistic values

Aleksandra Birkova

Diversity of belongings – diversity of exchanges

Hugo Verkest

Collaborative learning to benefit from diversity in the classroom

Olga Ferreira

Drama activities to raise awareness of cultural and social diversity in the classroom

Hilal Akyüz

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The opinions expressed in those works are the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the Council of Europe.