European Workshop:

„ Promoting teachers’ competences to enhance citizenship and democracy in the school community”

Caparide (Estoril), Portugal, 25 – 28 May 2011




    The training workshop key feature is to explore the nature and principles of Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE) in order to enhance teachers’ development of Core Competences in this field. It will therefore focus on: the aims and purposes of EDC/HRE; the different possible contexts of EDC/HRE implementation; the collaborative work within appropriate community partnerships; and the modelling of democratic citizenship and human rights values, attitudes and dispositions.

    On the basis of these Core competences, the training activity will aim to:
    a) Empower teachers as change actors and builders of their school communities’ cohesion;
    b) Develop cross-curricular and project based approaches on EDC/HRE;
    c) Work collaboratively with appropriate partners (such as community representatives, NGOs and voluntary associations);
    d) Empower teachers to reflect on and to assess their EDC/HRE practices in order to improve their professional development.

    The Workshop will bring together, as in all PESTALOZZI activities, a theoretical approach and practical activities with the active participation of the trainees through learning by doing process: dialogical approach, cooperative learning, individual and group work, reflective practice, presentation and debate.


    Primary and lower secondary school teachers dealing with civic/citizenship education in their classes. Before the workshop participants must be be acquainted notably with their National Education Authorities’ documents regarding civic/citizenship education. There will be some pre-work required.


    Interested education professionals can apply directly to participate in any training activity of the Pestalozzi programme. [More]



Description of the Workshop / Report

Presentations of the Workshops are available on the organisers’ website (Direcção –Geral dos Recursos Humanos da Educação- Directorate General for Human Resources of Education):



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