European Workshop:

„Continuous Teacher Development and Links to Career Advancement“

Tbilisi (Georgia), 17-20 November 2010




    The National Centre for Teacher Professional Development is currently establishing a teacher certification and professional development system in Georgia in close collaboration with Georgian teachers, education experts and foreign consultants. A Teacher Certification Statute has been developed and a Teacher Professional Development Framework (TPDF) is under preparation. Within the scope of the programme, a mobile group of mentors will be created. Their main responsibility will be to assist certified teachers to cope with different issues related to their professional and career development. As from September 2010, it is planned to implement school based professional development activities according to the TPDF.

    The workshop’s participants will examine the TPDF specifications as well as the best practices in the European educational systems. Moreover precise roles and responsibilities will be defined for teachers, mentors and other stakeholders having a direct impact on teacher professional development schemes.



Description of the Workshop



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