European Workshop:

„ Teaching Human Rights to the Future European Citizen – A Contribution to the European Fair of Youth and Human Rights 2011“

Speyer (Germany), 24-26 November 2010




    The European Fair of Youth and Human Rights 2011 will provide children, young people, teachers and educational bodies as well as the general public with a flagship event fostering work for and common reflection on Human and Children’s Rights.

    This workshop is the second part of a teacher-in-service-training session having taken place in Strasbourg in April 2010 and aimed at preparing the teachers who will be participating with their pupils in the 2011 Fair to their pedagogical work.

    During this session the participants will practice the appropriate pedagogical methods for the Education to Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship and finalise projects prepared with their pupils and to be presented on the occasion of the 2011 Fair.



Description of the Workshop



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