European Workshop:

„Media literacy based on Human Rights (Follow-up to the Pestalozzi Module series) “

Prahova (Romania), 13-16 October 2010




    Dedicated to teachers, teacher trainers, school librarians and other interested education professionals, the workshop will focus on discussing and exploring the practices of young people with regard to Web 2.0 applications and on how to deal with this in the classroom, bearing in mind the respect of human rights and dignity. Participants will share examples of good practices from both the host country and other countries represented at the training.

    The applications of WEB 2.0 technology have indeed generated an increased interest, especially among children and youth, but also rejection reactions from the adults’ part, especially from teachers. Youth has gained to a large extent “ownership” over these means of communication, whereas some teachers have excluded themselves from the group of users and beneficiaries. The workshop will promote the use of WEB 2.0 tools by teachers in order to diminish the knowledge gap between them and their pupils, but also emphasise that this process is closely linked to the respect of human rights.

    After the workshop the teachers will have the opportunity to become part of a European network on “Media Literacy based on Human Rights”.



Description of the Workshop



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