European Workshop:

„ Creativity and Innovation in the Teaching Profession“

Hradec Králové (Estonia), 12-14 May 2010




    The workshop will focus on how to promote creativity development in the teaching profession. Creativity is a kind of phenomenon which is important to education ; it is an essential part of the innovation process in a school day-to day-life. Since teachers are leading the activities, they need to have the appropriate competences and skills for their role is not only to develop creativity but also to be creative themselves. The workshop will make use of Council of Europe projects’ results and teachers’ training material in order to enable participants to explore together the competences, skills and attitudes needed and the ways of developing them in the day-to-day teaching practice.

    One of the expected results of the workshop is also to foster the setting-up of co-operation and exchange within a Pestalozzi network of teachers.



Description of the Workshop



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