The Pestalozzi Progamme offers teacher training seminars in cooperation with the European Wergeland Centre in Oslo. In 2009 two such seminars take place.


“Training history teachers to deal with the image of the other in history lessons”
From 21 to 25 September 2009
Working language : English

2 October 2009
The seminar took place in excellent conditions offered by the European Wergeland Centre as much as the venue facilities were concerned as well as accommodation and the support for the facilitators and the participants before and throughout the Seminar. The cultural programme included a visit to and reception at the EWC, a visit of the Holocaust Centre and a guided tour of the city centre.

The facilitators Ms Tahany Shemeis, Mr Klaus Edel and Mr Fabio del Cavallo as the team leader prepared an excellent seminar. It was a good example of how a learner-centred, interactive approach to training leads to a high-level of participants participation, reflective practice and a true learning excperience.



“Democratic Governance of Schools”
From 16 to 20 November 2009
Deadline for application : 16/09/2009
Working language: English


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