125th European Seminar:

Parents’ contribution to a school climate for living democratic citzenship
Academy of Bad Wildbad, 19-23 October 2009



    This seminar set the framework for the presentation of examples of functioning partnerships in the educational field, the concept of postive parenting was discussed. This is crucial in our increasingly multicultural and multilingual societies. The seminar examined the issue of how to set up and maintain an effective and functionning partnership and dialogue between schools and parents, planting the seeds for a strategy of life long learning. Public awareness and information strategies are necessary on a general level, as well as are training mechanisms for the actors involved in that process. Implementing recommandations and policies (Council of Europe Convention on Human Rights, UN convention of children’s rights, etc.) implies a change of attitude. The role of parents is crucial for the development of the child; parents should give the support their children need. In order to allow them to develop the skills and competencies they need, parents must be given the necessary support to assume their role (on-line training, networks, meetings, partnerships).



Report of the European Seminar and Agenda