Pestalozzi European Modules: EDC Core Competences for teachers



The training modules will focus on the outcome of recent work within the Council of Europe project on Education for Democratic Citizenship which offers a description of the core competences needed by teachers to put into practice democratic citizenship and human rights in the classroom, throughout the school and in the wider community. A publication is forthcoming in spring.

These competences apply to all teachers - not only specialists but teachers in all subject areas - and teacher educators working in higher education institutions or other settings, both in pre- and in-service training.

Some 15 competences are presented and grouped into four progressive clusters.
Each cluster of competences corresponds to one chapter, within which the competences are described in detail and exemplified. The reader will find progression charts for each competence: these charts aim to help teachers and teacher educators determine the level to which their professional practice corresponds, and thus identify the improvements they can focus on.

The module series will offer training on these competences, and it will do so by following the training approach adopted by all modules series:

    · Interactive
    · peer-training
    · task-centred
    · working on the collaborative development of training resources and their piloting.

The main expected outcomes are:

A network of trained education professionals equipped to continue the training on the international, national, regional and local level with a shared view of the competences which need to be developed and of the appropriate methodology of training and teaching.

A collection of tried and tested training resources to serve as pedagocial support in teacher training and as a stimulation to further develop resources along similar lines.

Target group :
Participants should come from a pre-service or in-service training context of formal or non-formal education. They need to have experience of and demonstrate a strong interest in the chosen theme. They also need to be competent users of at least one of the working languages, English or French.

For details on the required profile of participants and the conditions of participation, please consult the description of the module series.