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Lessons in history - The Council of europe and teaching of history (1999)
ISBN13: 978-92-871-3905-4

This book is an overview of the Council of Europe's work in history teachnig since 1956, based upon the concept of European integration, helping students to acquire the skills they need to deal with 20th century historical sources.

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Against bias and prejudice
The Council of Europe's work on history teaching and history textbooks

contains the recommendations made on history teaching and history textbooks adopted at Council of Europe conferences and symposia between 1953 and 1995

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History and its interpretations (1998)
ISBN 13: 978-92-871-3225-3

This book underlines what is a stake in the learning of history in Europe. History plays a key political function in Europe today, allowing as it can for better understanding, tolerance and trust between individuals and nations of Europe. Without this knowledge, and hopefully objectivity, this subject brings, the individual may become more vulnerable to political or religious manipulation. History in the "wrong hands" can thus be a force for division, violence and intolerance.
This book contains contributions from personalities from the world of academe and the media.

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The Council of Europe and cultural heritage - 1954-2000
ISBN13: 978-92-871-4525-3

This compendium contains in one volume all the reference texts and standard-setting instruments relating to cultural heritage elaborated by the Council of Europe. It starts with the European Cultural Convention of 1954 and presents conventions, resolutions and recommendations of the Committee of Ministers, relevant texts from European ministerial conferences, charters, codes of good practice and guidelines.
The scope of the texts covers all aspects of European cultural heritage including the archaeological heritage, the architectural heritage, cultural property, landscape, urban space and the movable heritage. The issues addressed by the texts include preservation, renovation, training, education, combating physical deterioration, town and country planning, economic impact and sustainable development.
This compendium is an invaluable source for policy makers at local, regional, national and international level, for professionals working in the cultural heritage sector and for all those interested in the history and current practices of cultural heritage. Its wide-ranging bibliography offers an opportunity for the interested reader to explore the issues further.

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