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The Image of the Other in History Teaching

While history and history teaching have been a focus for the Council of Europe’s work on education since its inception – being mentioned specifically in the European Cultural Convention of 1954 – the political context today (with globalisation, human migration, the development of information technologies and the existence of both dialogue and tension between different cultures and different religions) makes it more significant than ever.

The increasing multicultural nature of European societies lends new significance to history teaching and requires, at the same time, a thoroughgoing review of its aims and methods, focusing in particular on ways of developing multiperspectivity.

The current project is part of a cohesive overall effort involving all the Council’s activities in the field of intercultural dialogue.

Aims of the project

  • to promote, by means of educational policy measures and proposed strategies and methods, an approach to teaching and learning history that reflects the increasing cultural and religious diversity of European societies;
  • to contribute to reconciliation, acknowledgement, understanding and mutual trust between different cultures and outlooks and to overcome stereotypes and prejudices by promoting the values of tolerance, openness to and respect for others, human rights and democracy.

The project will therefore seek to:

  • produce proposed general guidelines for the development of history teaching with a view to integrating it into the overall work of the Council of Europe on intercultural and inter-faith dialogue;
  • make available to governments – and to other partners including in civil society – proposed strategies, methods and tools for translating the general guidelines into practice in an educational context, both in the classroom and in out-of-school activities with a history-learning component;
  • produce proposals, based on the above, concerning the training of history teachers and others whose work involves the learning of history.


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