History Teaching

The “European Dimension in History Teaching” (2002-2006)

A topical Symposium was organised for each of the key dates chosen for the project. They all followed a similar structure. They began with a keynote lecture from an international expert which provided a comparative and historiographical overview. This was then followed by a number of presentations by academic historians which provided a regional and/or national perspective. The participants and presenters then explored emerging issues in working group sessions.

Finally, the participants attended workshops where they developed some material for inclusion on the project database. This material was usually designed to examine aspects of the year in question in both a comparative and multiperspectival way. These contributions can be found in the final publications of the project.

At conferences, presentations were also given by the Multimedia Team responsible for developing the Database and prototype CD-ROMs for the project.

List of the five conferences around the turning point years


In 2005 also, a number of teacher training activities were organised within the framework of the Project.

The first four, jointly organised with EUROCLIO through the MATRA programme, were held in Romania and Bulgaria in May and June respectively. They focused on the teaching of national history from 1945 to the present.

A fifth seminar, organized with the Czech Ministry of Education in Prague, was held from 10-14 October on the theme: “At the crossroads between east and west: Czechoslovakia in the short 20th century”.


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