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List of seminars and available reports


Regional seminar on “How to use multiperspectivity when teaching history in schools
for reconciliation and tolerance”
Kyiv, Ukraine, 1-2 July

Seminar on “How initial training of history teachers should help them in their work
in a multicultural context”
Kyiv, Ukraine, 18-19 May


Seminar on "The preparation of new curricula on history for secondary schools in Ukraine"
Lviv, Ukraine, 5 – 6 July


Seminar on "New approaches in the preparation of textbooks on world history for secondary and upper-secondary schools in Ukraine
Yalta, Ukraine, 30 September – 1 October

Seminar on "New approaches to learning history"
Lviv, Ukraine, 28 February – 1 March


Seminar on "Standards in History Teaching"
Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 5-6 November


  • Report 1998

"The reform of history teaching in Ukraine" (summary of the following two seminars)

Seminar on "The preparation and publication of new textbooks on 20th Century history"
Chernihiv, Ukraine, 12-14 October

Seminar on "The reform of 20th Century history curricula in secondary schools with special reference to controversial and sensitive subjects and the role of famous historical persons"
Yalta, Ukraine, 11-13 May


Seminar on "Central and Eastern Europe as an historical region: the problem of integration in 20th Century world history"
Chernivtsy, Ukraine, 27 –29 October

Seminar on “The initial and in-service training of history teachers in European countries in democratic transition
Lviv, Ukraine, 12 - 14 June


Seminar on "Teaching the history of the 20th Century: examples from Ukraine and other European countries"
Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 18-20 November

Seminar on "The reform of history teaching in Ukraine"
Kyiv, Ukraine, 13-15 March