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The publication "Multiperspectivity in Teaching and Learning History"

contains the presentations made by experts in history teaching from Cyprus, Spain and the United Kingdom at the three activities organised by the Council of Europe in co-operation with the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research and the Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teachers’ Union (K.T.O.E..S), in November 2004 in Nicosia:
- the Seminar on “Multiperspectivity in history teaching”;
- the Seminar on “History textbooks and teaching materials and their use in a classroom”;
- the Workshops on “New approaches to teaching history: multiperspectivity”.

The discussions were focused on how to use new interactive methods in teaching history based on multiperspectivity and to seek out additional teaching materials for history lessons; how to select historical sources and achieve a balance in teaching political, economic, social and cultural history; how to teach history for reconciliation using different sources and to train such pupils’ skills as critical thinking and open-mindedness.

Multiperspectivity in Teaching and Learning History - Download the document

The publication "The Use of Sources in Teaching and Learning History"

The publication consists of two parts. The first covers the 2005 seminar discussions on the use of sources and contains the texts of presentations reflecting the experience of different European countries in this area as well as an overview of the workshop activities. The second is based on the examples taken from the social and cultural history of Cyprus and presents not only the results and outcomes of the discussions, but also textual and visual sources with practical suggestions on how these sources could be used in the classroom, including lesson plans and questions and tasks for pupils.

The use of sources in teaching and learning history – Volume 1 (in English, Greek, Turkish)


The use of sources in teaching and learning history – Volume 2 (in English, Greek, Turkish)

The publication “A Look at our Past”

A look at our past is a supplementary interactive teaching pack on non-political aspects of the history of Cyprus. It is the result of the collective work of Cypriot educators and has been prepared within the framework of teacher training activities conducted by the Council of Europe in Cyprus in co-operation with the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research, a unique non-governmental body which brings together history educators from all Cypriot communities, and with the strong support of teacher trade unions from all parts of Cyprus.

This is the third publication to appear in English, Greek and Turkish. The first, Multiperspectivity in Teaching and Learning History, was published in 2005 and the second The use of sources in teaching and learning history appeared in 2009. The main aim of all these publications is to respond to the most urgent methodological needs of practising teachers by collecting examples of innovative teaching approaches and sharing experiences between local educators and their colleagues from various other European countries.

The materials consist of a variety of sources, suggestions for teachers and activities for pupils developed in the framework of teachertraining activities . They aim to:

  • develop interactive methods when teaching about cultural diversity through school history;
  • enable pupils to acquire skills such as critical thinking and the ability to reach independent conclusions;
  • present diversity as an enriching factor communicating with representatives of diff erent cultures on the basis of tolerance and mutual respect.

A Look at our Past (in English, Greek, Turkish)

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