The Campaign in a few words

''Fighting discrimination and promoting intercultural dialogue is a collective responsibility but it is also down to individuals. That is the message of the Council of Europe's "Speak out against discrimination" campaign. And since the media and media professionals have a major role to play in combating discrimination and encouraging intercultural dialogue, the Council of Europe has sought to involve all the media industry's players (publishers, regulators etc) and have them debate and propose solutions for promoting a culture of tolerance and mutual understanding, bearing in mind the media's contribution to informing the public and forming opinion.''

Director General of Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport
General Co-ordinator for intercultural dialogue and for the Campaign “Speak out against Discrimination” Council of Europe


The "Speak out against discrimination" Campaign focused on the role of the media in a multicultural Europe. It derives its mandate from the Council of Europe’s White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue “Living together as equals in dignity”. The campaign primarily targeted media industry professionals and was build around 3 main objectives:

1 – Training media professionals,
2 – Writing, seeing and hearing diversity in the media,
3 – Producing and disseminating innovative and inclusive information.

Conceived as Resource Centre, this site Media, Discrimination, Intercultural Dialogue / Campaign Speak out against discrimination collects and introduces the main outputs delivered during the various campaign activities implemented between 2008 and 2010 around these 3 objectives.


Training media professionals

Producing innovative and inclusive news

Spreading Diversity in the media

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“In view of Europe’s cultural diversity, information and training programmes based on various practices and approaches are necessary in order to understand intercultural and antidiscrimination issues...”

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“Because discrimination remains a common practice whose victims are ill-informed about their rights and the remedies available, the campaign has built new forms of partnership with the media...”

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“Access to the media for minority people raises the double issue of their access to the media positions and productions, and thus of their visibility and expression in the media...”

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Media against racism in sport

A new European Union/Council of Europe joint programme aiming at crossing practices between media professionals (journalism trainers, journalists, editors in chief, regulators, etc.) in Europe with a specific focus on the media coverage of diversity, racism and discrimination issues in a particular journalistic area ; the sport journalism.

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 "Council of Europe Exchanges Intercultural Dialogue and Religious Dimensions"


Cultural diversity is inherent in all present-day human societies. The aim of promoting dialogue between cultures is to make this diversity a source of mutual enrichment and to foster understanding, reconciliation and tolerance.

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