Satellite Event "Reasoning Together, Publicly: Beyond the Twin Threats of Elite Power and Populism"

7 December 2016 Lisbon, Portugal

Can our societies somehow break the grip that powerful elites have on government without slipping into dangerous forms of populism? How can we best tap into the widespread desire for political change in a way that keeps irreflected views in check? And which role should governments, universities...

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The Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award goes to German initiative in favour of higher education for refugees

9 November 2016 Strasbourg, France

Today, at the closing session of the World Forum for Democracy, the Council of Europe announced that the winner of its Democracy Innovation Award was the German initiative Kiron which gives refugees access to higher education worldwide. Kiron is a German social start-up founded in 2015 which...

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"Countdown to Lift Off: Launching toward Democracy in Education", by Donovan Livingston, Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina

Donovan Livingston is a Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. A native of Fayetteville, NC, Donovan is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Columbia University, Harvard University – where he recently earned a masters...

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Alaa Murabit about the power of compassion

Alaa Murabit is a UN High-Level Commissioner for Health Employment and Economic Growth, one of only 17 Sustainable Development Goal Global Advocates appointed by the UN Secretary General and a MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow. Her TED Talk, “What my religion really says about women” was “Talk of...

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Education bridging social divides – pass or fail?

8 November 2016 (14.00-16.00) Strasbourg, France

Education is instrumental in the process of community-building and the shaping of national identity and is still seen as a factor of building social cohesion and a sense of belonging to society. However, in today’s increasingly diversifying, interdependent societies, the capacity to engage across...

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Interested in A, B, Citizenship, Democracy, and Education ?

8 November 2016 (10.00-12.00) Strasbourg, France

Democratic citizenship requires the ability to critically evaluate public norms and institutions, to engage in deliberation and collaborative problem solving. But is education fulfilling its democratic mission or is it failing to build the key qualities for democratic citizenship? What is role of...

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Najat Vallaud-Belkacem: “citizenship is something that has to be learned”

7 November 2016 Strasbourg, France

“Democracy is learned, transmitted, upheld and, above all, lived, day in, day out,” said France’s Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, at the opening of the World Forum for Democracy. The Minister welcomed the Council of Europe’s efforts on the education...

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Erna Solberg: massive action is needed for the 263 million children and young people out of school

7 November 2016 Strasbourg, France

« Today, 263 million children and young people are out of school. Many more are held back due to poor schooling. Unless action is taken, 420 million children will not acquire basic skills by 2030, » said Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway. She added: “This means that millions of young people...

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"Democracy and equality: does education matter?"

World Forum for Democracy 2016

7-9 November 2016 Strasbourg, France

How can we instil in young people a desire to act as defenders of freedom and guardians of human rights? Do our education systems have the right tools to teach them how to make the most of diversity or do they perpetuate social and cultural divides? In the age of social media, where almost...

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Experimental and participative architectural process in situ for the elaboration of a Pop up agora

"Pop up construction" workshop

8 November 2016 from 9:30 am Strasbourg, Palais de l'Europe - Room 14

"Pop up Construction" is set up by L’Ososphère, an artistic action label in charge of the room occupied by culture in the making of the city. The workshop is led by architects, artists, and specialists of the public space and the democratic debate. this time dedicated to a collective experiment...

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