8 November 2023 - 12.00-13.15 / Hemicycle of the European Parliament (access via the Palais de l’Europe)

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Democracy Innovation Award and Closing Ceremony

World Forum for Democracy 2023: Plenary 4 and closing session

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Hemicycle of the European Parliament 8 November 2023 - 10.00-13.15
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RUOTANEN Marja 2023


Director General of Democracy and Human Dignity, Council of Europe

Ms Ruotanen has a deep understanding of the Council of Europe’s mission and operations, including in the fields of standard setting, monitoring and cooperation. She has notably served as Director of Equality and Human Dignity (DGII), Director of Justice and Human Dignity (DGI), Director of Cooperation (DGI), as well as Director of the Private Office of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General. She has also worked several years in the Parliamentary Assembly, most recently as Director of the Committees. 



Member of the Bureau of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe


Nedeljka is a journalist by formal education, a youth worker by non-formal education, and she is an activist in her heart. Since 2010, Nedeljka has been active in the field of non-formal education. Since 2018, Nedeljka has been working for the National association of youth workers (NAPOR) where she has participated in the creation of youth policy from national to international levels. In addition to sitting on the bureau of the Advisory Council on Youth, she is member of the association "I want to go to theatre" which promotes theatre amongst young people.

Democracy Award

The Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award is given each year to the World Forum for the most popular democracy initiative presented in the Labs, voted upon by the Forum participants.

Presentation of the Democracy Innovation Award and Closing Address by

PEJCINOVIC Marija 2023


Secretary General of the Council of Europe

Closing performance

“Les Trois Barbus ou Presque”

"Les trois Barbus ou Presque" is a group specialising in Irish songs. They consist of Dominic Burns, Fabien Gaschy and Laurent Koehler (vocals/guitars/banjo) alongside Lorène Koehler (fiddle), Rémi Studer (double bass/concertina/mandolin) and Kim-Marie Woodhouse (bodhrán/vocals). Formed in 2012 for a one off concert in an old brewery in Lorentzen they are still going strong many years later !