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Fikrat Mammadov, Minister of Justice, presents recent developments of local democracy in Azerbaijan

Strasbourg 15/10/2014

''Congresss monitoring missions and recommendations have been helpful in terms of identification of areas which could be further improved regarding local governance in Azerbaijan'', stated Fikrat Mammadov, Minister of Justice of Azerbaijan, adressing the 27th Session. He underlined, in particular, the key role of the newly adopted law On Public Participation in development of democratic institutions. ''This very law provides for closer interaction between the public and municipalities as well as for ensuring openness and transparency of their activity,'' he explained. ''Moreover, taking into account the key role of municipal associations in terms of promotion of local democracy, coordination and organization of municipal activities we managed to create national associations of municipalities,'' he added. M. Mammadov also underlined as a positive trend the engagement of youth which increased significantly and reached almost 30% in the last elections. ''Local and regional authorities have a crucial role to play in supporting young people in becoming fulfilled and responsible citizens. This role is a vital task if we are to ensure the sustainability and quality of civic and professional life for future generations,'' he said.