Workshops, National dissemination and training events

About 20-30 European workshops, national dissemination and training events of a duration of 1-5 days are organised every year. The themes of these events are closely linked to priority concerns and projects of the Council of Europe in particular in the field of education.


Tolerance and respect for European values: "For an intercultural Europe" - Romania

TASKs for Actions - Belarus

Collaborative learning as a good practices strategy - Portugal

Challenging learning (and teaching) encounters - Germany

Learning and living Pestalozzi Programme values and principles in education - Croatia

Development of democratic and intercultural competences in the classroom - Hungary

The impact of implementation of the Pestalozzi Programme for the training of education professionals in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bosnia and Herzegovina/Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Knowledge Construction and Epistemology in a diverse changing society: Developing reflective practices across curriculum - Cyprus

Competences for a culture of democracy - Andorra

Education for all: Building inclusive and supportive school environments in contexts of change - Norway

The Pestalozzi Programme spirit: for an inclusive school - Spain

 Career advancement of teachers through continuous school-based professional development - Moldova

The European Language Portfolio (ELP) - Germany

School-based professional development - Latvia

“On the move”: Flight and migration in formal education - Austria

How to develop an inclusive school culture for supporting cooperation and participation competencies? - Estonia

The dissemination of the values, principles and practices of the Pestalozzi Programme - Greece

Democratic citizenship - Germany

Active learning strategies for the development of functional literacy - Belarus


Programme is the
Council of Europe's programme for the
professional development
of teachers and
education actors.