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Lisbon Network was talked about...

Regional Round Table of the CARDS Programme
Dürres (Albania), 8-9 February 2007
The Chairman of the Bureau and the Secretary to the Lisbon Network took part in the Regional Round Table of the CARDS Programme, held in Dürres, Albania, on 8 and 9 February 2007, bringing together the Schools of Magistrates of the West Balkans (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", Montenegro, Serbia). The Chairman had run a Working Group on international cooperation and networking judicial training institutions within the Lisbon Network and the Secretary to the Network had presented the scope, strategy and aims of the Lisbon Network.
Speech by Jean Claus, Secretary to the Lisbon Network

EuroMed Seminar on Management and Administration of Justice, Management of procedures, computerisation - Training
Amman (Jordan), 14-17 May 2007
Speech by Mihai Selegean, Director for the National Institute for Magistrates of Romania and Contact point of the Lisbon Network
Final declaration

2nd edition of the "THEMIS Showroom"
Lisbon (Portugal) 24-29 September 2007
Trainee magistrates from law schools across Europe gathered in Lisbon between 24 and 29 September 2007, to discuss international cooperation in criminal and civil justice, among other themes. The event was organised by the Portuguese Judicial Studies Centre (CEJ), with the support of the Lisbon Network. International cooperation in criminal matters and in civil justice, interpretation and application of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights as well as magistrates’ ethics and deontology were the main subjects of this event.