Spreading Diversity in the media
"Access to the media for minority people raises the double issue of their access to the media positions and productions, and thus of their visibility and expression in the media. This is why the campaign developed two levels of action. The first one concerned staff policies (promoting access for minority people to all sectors and all levels of the media industry). The second focused on editorial policies (encouraging high-quality and professional journalistic coverage of diversity and the fight against discrimination)."

The Media & Diversity Campaign Outputs


Media & diversity: the next steps to promote minority access to the media

Sport & Discrimination: the Media perspectives

Sports' Journalism, Discrimination and Diversity

Media & Discrimination: When young journalists investigate! - DVD



Media & Diversity Activities


December 2010 – To fight against discrimination and for cultural diversity: a major challenge for the Media – An article inn the Hate Crimes and Hate Speech book published by the Hrant Dink Foundation
The Council of Europe’s antidiscrimination Media & Diversity manager's contribution to the April 2010 Hrant Dink Foundation Conference was published in a book entitled “Hate Speech and Hate Crime”. The article pinpoints the objectives of the campaign and the information and communication strategies it has implemented to reach them.

Young Journalists at the ‘Assises Internationale du Journalisme’
For the second consecutive year, the Council of Europe has hosted the ‘Assises Internationales du Journalisme et de l’information ’. The event was one of France’s largest gatherings of journalists. It was held from16 to 18 November 2010 in the Palais de l’Europe and other venues around Strasbourg.
A joint operation was held between the Speak Out Against Discrimination Campaign and the European Youth press. 15 young journalists from this pan European association were given the task to report on this event. Their reports took into account the themes of the campaign; combating discrimination through the media and the promotion of intercultural dialogue.

 PROPUBLICA - un nouveau modèle de journalisme d’investigation
Ils (re)font du journalisme dans les quartiers
An international, egalitarian and quality journalism?

Introduction to the European Youth Press
Différences entre le paysage médiatique français et allemand
17 November 2010 - Debate “Journalism, Sport & Discrimination – Don’t let us be offside! "
On 17 November debate was organized in Strasbourg within the framework of the Assises Internationales du journalisme and in cooperation within the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS). The debate included a short presentation of two film clips: ‘Sports and Homosexuality, what’s the problem? This first clip was directed by Michel Royer and broadcasted on October 2 2010 by French Canal +. Inside Incredible athletes was produced by Renegade Pictures and distributed in the UK on Channel 4 TV in August 2010.

, http://www.coe.int/t/DG4/EPAS/default_fr.asp
and http://www.farenet.org/

16- 18 November 2010 - Fourth Meeting of the International Conference of Journalism
On 16-18 November the fourth meeting of the International Conference of Journalism and News took place in Strasbourg (France). It was organized within the framework of the Council of Europe’s Campaign Against Discrimination. The technological revolution has weakened journalists' ability to communicate with citizens but also creates new-found opportunities and solutions. This debate was at the heart of the exchanges and reflections that took place between citizens, journalism students and media professionals during the conference. In parallel to this event the Association of Journalism and Citizenship organized encounters and a project.
Autumn 2010 - EBU RTBF Diversity Show 2010
During the Belgium presidency of the European Union, the European Broadcasting Union organized the Diversity Show 2010. This was held in Brussels Belgium. As part of this event a television show was broadcasted and a conference was held. It was directed by the Radio Television Belge Francophone and aimed at bringing the debate on cultural diversity into concrete policy initiatives. This was achieved through EBU members by involving decision makers in Europe. During this event the European Broadcasting Union echoed the proposals drafted by Stephen Whittle in ‘Media & Diversity: The next steps to promote minority access to the media’. Recommendations were formulated within the framework of the campaign’s second objective.
http://www.rtbf.be/tv/emission/detail_diversity-show?id=543 . Campaign Partner European Broadcasting Union - as part of this event - echoes the proposals presented in the report Media & Diversity: The next steps to promote minority access to the Media” drafted by Stephen Whittle in the framework of Campaign’s Objective 2
16 September 2010 - "Conference-debate "Are the media stereotypes and prejudice of vectors?", Vitrolles (France)
Reynald Blion, Media and Diversity Manager, participated in a jointly organized meeting by the Federation Leo LaGrange and the network ‘Democracy and Courage’. This encounter was made possible due to the support of the French municipality Vitrolles and was held in the Maison du quartier de la Frescoule.

Presentation and programme
13-14 September 2010- Exchange on the religious dimension of Intercultural dialogue (Ohrid)
On 13-14 September 2010 an exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue took place in Ohrid (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Ms Gabriella Battaini Dragoni, Director General, Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport and general coordinator for intercultural dialogue, noted that not only is religious liberty one of the fundamental values of the Council but the Court has recognised that it is an essential element of individual identity. The exchange between high profile journalists, academics, politicians indentified some ways in which the principles and the challenges might be taken forward in both the world of the media and of faith.

4 September 2010 - Renaming Media-Challenges of European Media Policy in the Fields of Migration and Diversity
On 4 September 2010 the workshop “Challenges of European Media Policy in the Fields of Migration”  was organized by Radio Fro within the framework of the Arts Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria). The Council of Europe’s Antidiscrimination Campaign was presented as well as the Media and Diversity Report.  The workshop  provided an opportunity for discussion and presentations to take place  on how to facilitate access by minority groups to media professions and media production.

16 August 2010 - To fight against discrimination and for cultural diversity, a major challenge for the media
– Paper to be published within the Hrant Dink Foundation (Apr. 10) conference proceedings.
Séville 21-22 June 2010- International Youth Conference: Building Regional Young Leaders Network; Youth of South East Europe in for stability and cooperation”
On 21 June Reynald Blion, the Campaign’s ‘Media and Diversity’ manager presented ‘The implications of media misrepresentation and stereotypes of minority groups’ in Istanbul Turkey. This event was jointly organized by the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation and in partnership with Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture. It was organized within the framework of the Building Young Leaders Network: Youth and South East Europe in for stability and cooperation. "The implications of media misrepresentation and stereotypes of minority groups". This item was presented by Campaign’s Media and Diversity Manager Reynald Blion on 21 June in Istanbul, in the framework of the Building Regional Young Leaders Network: "Youth of South East Europe in for stability and cooperation"Conference held on 20-22 June, 2010 in Istanbul. The conference was organised by the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation in partnership with the Turkish Chairmanship-in-Office of the South East European Cooperation Process. The general partner was Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture.

  Project proposal

31 May to 4 June 2010-‘Communities’ and journalistic investigations; evaluation of reports made by the second year students of the Media Institute of Lyon (ISPCA). »
28 to 30 May 2010 - Conference “Media and Diversity in new European Union countries”.
Reynald Blion, the Campaign’s ‘Media and Diversity’ manager moderated a round table event: ‘From recruitment to editorial policies, new challenges for the media’. This conference was held in Bucharest, Romania on 28-30 May 2010. It was jointly organized by the Media Diversity Institute and the Romanian Centre for Independent Journalism. The Council of Europe and the European Fundamental Rights Agency also provided crucial support to the conference.

22 to 25 May 2010- Colloquium on ‘Diversity in Journalism Schools’
On 22 May 2010 Reynald Blion, the Council of Europe’s ‘Media and Diversity’ manager gave a presentation on ‘How diversity is dealt with in European Media’. This was part of a colloquium on ‘Diversity in Journalism Schools’ organized by Therapraste (a network of French speaking Journalism centres).
21 to 22 May 2010- 20th Annual Conference of the European Journalism Training Association
On 21-22 May 2010 at the 20th Annual Conference of the European Journalism Training Association (EJTA) Dr Carole Reich, Campaign Coordinator presented the antidiscrimination training pack. The conferences ‘The Future of Journalism Education’ as well as the antidiscrimination training pack were formulated within the Campaigns first objective: ‘Training media professionals’.

May 2010 – Against discrimination, For a Multicultural Europe – An articule published in Primo Piano/ La realtà e la percezione
An Article entitled Contro la discriminazione per un’Europa interculturale was published by Guia Gilardoni in Libretà Civili, an Italian bimestrial review on immigration issues. This article introduced the Council of Europe’s Speak Out Against Discrimination Campaign. It is part of a collection of essays on the topic of migration and policies to integrate migrant communities in Europe. It provides a backdrop to the rationale behind the CoE’s campaign, its objectives as well as its three priorities in order to obtain them. Its objective was to educate and familiarize the Italian nation with the Campaign.

Contro la discriminazione per un’Europa interculturale

29 April 2010 - European Union’s Journalist Award "For diversity. Against discrimination" ceremony
On 29 April 2010 the Council of Europe’s Speak Out Against Discrimination campaign revealed the five winners for the ‘For Diversity, Against Discrimination’ prize. This was organized within the framework of the European Union’s Journalist award. It is open to Journalists who cover issues relating to discrimination and diversity on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, disability and sexual orientation.

21 April 2010-Black, White, Green, I don’t care? Strasbourg (France)
Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Director General for Education, Culture and Heritage and Sport represented the Council of Europe when the streamer was unveiled which was created by Strasbourg Youth Council Solidarity and Antidiscrimination Committee. The banner displayed 80 portraits of citizens who endorsed the committee’s motto. Roland Reis, Strasbourg’s Mayor and Robert Hermann, the city’s deputy major inaugurated the streamer.
18 March 2010 - Round Table with journalists of ethnic minorities attending in Poitiers (France)
On 18 March 2010, in Poitiers (France), Reyanld Blion, the Campaign’s ‘Media and Diversity’ manager moderated a Round Table with journalists from ethnic minority backgrounds. A discussion was held during the round table on the role and place of minority media in the journalists’ respective countries, and in their society. This event gathered media professionals from a number of European countries and media platforms (including radio, online media, and newspapers), each targeting specific groups.




18-19 March 2010 - International conference - An alternative self-representation? Ethnic minority media, between hegemony and resistances focus on campaign:
Programme [PDF] 
Minority Media website
Se représenter autrement ? les médias des minorités ethniques, entre hégémonie et résistances

15 March 2010 - Dissemination, presentation and circulation of the “Media & Diversity” Report to the main European networks of editors, broadcasters, journalists, selfregulation, namely EBU, ACTE, IFJ, AEJ, AIPCE and EPRA /

January 2010 - Media &Diversity: the next steps to promote minority access to the Media  (A) 
“Media &Diversity: the next steps to promote minority access to the Media” is a report produced within the framework of the Council of Europe’s “Speak Out Against Discrimination Campaign”. It was circulated to the main European networks of editors, broadcasters, journalists and self regulators including the European Broadcasting Union (EBU); the International Federation of Journalists; the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) etc…The report proposes actions in order to strengthen the access of people from minority backgrounds to media professions and productions.
6 November 2009- Pierdomenico Baccalario’s dedication
Pierdomenico Baccalarios, an Italian fantasy fiction author whose books have been published in 18 different languages, dedicated his last book ‘Il Popolo di Tarkaan’ to the Council of Europe campaign against discrimination.


20-21 October 2009 - Lilian Thuram in Kosovo
France’s second-most capped football player, Lilian Thuram, has been visiting Kosovo to help educate young people about the dangers of racism and discrimination. The former defender at Juventus and FC Barcelona, visited the capital, Pristina and one of the oldest known settlements in Kosovo, the city of Mitrovica, as part of a move organised by the Council of Europe to help to bring different ethnic groups closer together. As president of the Education against Racism Foundation, Thuram has spent years campaigning to eradicate discrimination and xenophobia from communities.

Press release
Lilian Thuram's interview [Fr]


9 October 2009 - International Journalism Symposium
On 9 October 2009 the Council of Europe hosted the third International Journal Symposium. Discussions were centred on the principles and practices in order to improve standards in the news media. This debate attracted over 400 participants including journalists, editors, press magnates, journalism teachers and students as well as members of the general public.

Press release
Frédéric Mitterrand's speech in video [PDF][fr]
Final Report Media & Diversity: The next steps to promote minority access to the Media


17 September 2009 - International Journalism Assises
Les Assises internationales du journalisme et de l’information (International meeting of journalism and information) was the subject of a press conference which took place on 17 September in Strasbourg’s Club de presse. The meeting brought together 300 journalists to discuss topical issues whilst focusing on the Council of Europe’s Anti Discrimination campaign. More specifically on how journalists can speak out against discrimination in their working methods and recruitment practices.
Plenary session
Biography of the participants
Web site [fr]


19 - 20 February 2009 - Preparatory meeting for the media and diversity component of the campaign
During the first meeting:
-A presentation was delivered to elaborate upon the focal points of the Media and Diversity component of the Campaign
- The practical arrangements were specified in order to carry out the work planned and obtain the results expected
-The timetable was confirmed and the next steps in the implementation of the Campaign’s media and diversity component were elaborated upon.

Programme [Word]
Provisional list of organisations


20 November 2008 - Seminar "Sport and discrimination: Media perspective" (Strasbourg)
Lilian Thuram was the guest speaker at the Council of Europe’s seminar: ‘Sport and discrimination: the media perspective’. It took place in Strasbourg on 20 November 2008. The seminar focused on ‘how journalists can contribute to a fairer, more balanced coverage of the competition between nations which sport fixtures frequently involve’? A lively debate occurred between media professionals and NGOS where proposals were made on possible antidiscrimination policy initiatives

Video France 3


Partner Organisations

Asians In Media
Asians In Media is an online media and current affairs magazine.


Association of European Journalists
The Association of European Journalists brings together journalists from Europe to defend freedom of the press and freedom of information. One of the aims of the international association is to create links between individual journalists; to exchange contacts, information and ideas.


The BBC was the world's first national broadcasting organisation and was founded on 18 October 1922. It broadcasts in the United Kingdom and other countries on television, radio and the Internet. The BBC also sells its programmes to other broadcasting companies in the world.


Broadcast Training and Skills Regulator (BTSR)
The Broadcast Training and Skills Regulator (BTSR) was established in 2005 as the broadcast industry co-regulatory body for training and skills. We work with Ofcom, the industry and Skillset to ensure that the industry provides training and skills development opportunities that are relevant, inclusive and cost-effective for the thousands of people it employs.


Community Media Forum Europe
The CMFE is a network of policy experts, organisations and federations which aim to support the role of Community Media on the European level.


Cultural Diversity Network (CDN)
The CDN seeks to provide a platform for collective action on the key issues of diversity in the media.


The European Broadcasting Union
The European Broadcasting Union is the largest association of national broadcasters in the world. It promotes cooperation between broadcasters and aides the exchange of audiovisual content. The EBU works to ensure that the crucial role of public service broadcasters is recognised and taken into consideration by decision-makers.


Magyar Televízió (MTV)
Magyar Televízió is a national television service in Hungary which began in 1959. It is also a member of the European Broadcasting Union.


Press Complaints Commission
An independent body which deals with complaints from members of the public about the editorial content of newspapers and magazines.


Saphir News
Saphir News is a daily online muslim newspaper which covers a range of topics such as sport, news and debates.


The Turkish Radio and Televsion Corporation
The Turkish Radio and Televsion Corporation is the national public broadcaster of Turkey. It was founded in 1964. For many years it has been the only television and radio provider in Turkey. It broadcasts around the world, particularly in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.


World Association of Newpapers and New Publishers
World Association of Newpapers and New Publishers is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation made up of 76 national newspaper associations, 12 news agencies, 10 regional press organisations and individual newspaper executives in 100 countries. Founded in 1948, the association represents more than 18,000 publications on five continents.