Ministerial Conference

Conference of European Health Ministers
22-23 November 2007, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

"People on the move: Challenges to health systems and human rights" is the title of the 8th Conference of European Health Ministers, held in Bratislava. The main theme of this conference was health and migration/mobility, with two sub-themes: impact of migration/mobility on patients' rights and impact of migration/mobility on health systems.

In addition to the presence and participation of an organisational and scientific committee, the conference was attended by representatives from 49 different countries, including Japan, Canada, and the USA.

The Council of Europe uses health protection and promotion as two lines of action to develop an ethical European health policy. It does so through the combination of human rights, social cohesion and health agendas; the harmonisation of member states' health policies in terms of safety and quality; the development of preventive medicine and health education; and the promotion of patients' rights, access to health care, citizen participation and protection for vulnerable groups.

No poor health for poor people

The right to the protection of health lies at the heart of the activities carried out by the Council of Europe in the social domain. National representatives from 47 member states work together with specialist experts to set out minimum guarantees to safeguard patients' rights, and indeed human rights, at the European level.

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