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Internet Governance Forum - 3rd meeting
3-6 December 2008, Hyderabad (India)

The Council of Europe’s message for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Hyderabad (India) is simple: “Building a safe and open Internet, governed with people in mind.”

The Council of Europe’s action in this field is based on landmark conventions and innovative tools aimed at combating cybercrime, protecting children from harmful Internet content, preventing cyber-terrorism, protecting consumers from counterfeit medicines and medical products as well as promoting e-democracy and full participation of people with disabilities in society – both offline and online. (more ...)

Statements by Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Deputy secretary General
Opening ceremony - Pre-recording video
Workshop on Internet accessibility for people with Disabilities - Pre-recording video
Public value of Internet - Pre-recording video
Workshop ''Towards a code of good practice on Public participation in Internet governance – Building on the principles of WSIS and the Aarhus Convention'' - Pre-recording video
Statements by Jan Kleijssen, Director of Standard Setting of the Council of Europe
Workshop on ''The protection of personal data and privacy in the information society: Towards an international instrument with a global reach?'' - Pre-recording video
Critical Internet Resources - Pre-recording video
Wild Web Woods: safe surfing on the Internet
The game 'Wild Web Woods' has been developed to help children learn the rules of internet safety in a fun format, using familiar fairy tales to guide children through a maze of potential dangers to the fabulous 'E-city.' The game, mainly for children between 7 and 10, has been created in the spirit of the Council’s 'Building a Europe for and with children' programme. (more...)
Game (20 language versions)

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