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Parliamentary Assembly

Parliamentary Assembly’s Presidency

Parliamentary Assembly Sessions

Partial Agreements

Penological field (Legal instruments in the penological field)

Pet animals

People with disabilities (European Conferences of Ministers responsible for integration policies for people with disabilities)

Permanent representatives of the Council of Europe

Pharmacopoeia (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Health Care (EDQM) - Website)

Pharmacopeia (Medication and Pharmacopeia) (File)

Plan for Russia (Technical cultural assistance programme)

Poland (Poland and the Council of Europe)

Police and internal security

Political Groups in the Parliamentary Assembly

Political parties (the financing of political parties)

Politics (School of politics) (File)

Pompidou Group (Co-operation group to combat drug abuse and illicit trafficking in drugs)

Portugal (Portugal and the Council of Europe)

Presidents of European Supreme Courts

Press releases

Prevention (European Prevention Prize)

Priority projects (integrated projects)

Prisons and alternatives

Prison Administration (Conferences of Directors of Prison Administration)

Prize (the Europe Prize)

Prize (Council of Europe Museum Prize)

Prize (European Pervention Prize)

Programme against corruption and organised crime in South-eastern Europe (PACO)

Prosecutors (Conference of Prosecutors General of Europe)

Protected Areas (European Diploma of Protected Areas)

Protection (Committee of experts on Protection of Witnesses and "Pentiti" in relation to Acts of Terrorism (PC-PW))

Public health

Public international law

Publishing - Council of Europe publishing

Psychiatry and human rights