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MOLI-UA 2: Project against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Ukraine

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Based on the success of the MOLI-UA Project Against Money Laundering implemented by the Council of Europe between February 2003 and June 2005 and fully funded by the European Commission (1 million Euro) the 5.3 million Euro Follow-up Project Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing was launched on 1 May 2006 to address the outstanding issues in the AML/CTF system of Ukraine and help the country keep the momentum in developing that system.

Its three objectives aim at assisting Ukraine in:

making its national legislation compliant with the 3rd EU Directive on the Prevention of the Use of the Financial System for the Purposes of Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing, and the Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime and on the Financing of Terrorism;

enhance the human capacities of key institutions of the anti-money laundering system of Ukraine (State Committee for Financial Monitoring, law enforcement agencies and judiciary and financial sector regulators/supervisors) ; and

developing the organisational and technical infrastructure of the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing system.


 AMLTraining for non-financial obliged institutions

On 12 November 2008, a training course is organised at the premises of the Training Center of the State Committee for Financial Monitoring in Kyiv, Ukraine. It will focus on the prevention and combating money laundering in non-financial institutions with special focus on gambling sector.

Study visit

From 17 to 21 November 2008, a study visit  to Sweden will be organised under MOLI-UA-2 for 13 Ukrainian experts representing the State Committee for Financial Monitoring and the financial sector. Its aim is to visit training institutions in Sweden, mainly in Stockholm and Gothenburg, to exchange best practices and study training solutions available to the law enforcement agencies  and judiciary in Sweden in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

Sum-up conference

From 1 to 5 December 2008, in the Lviv region, 40 Ukrainian experts will participate in the conference aimed at presenting, at regional level, the results of work of the State Committee for Financial Monitoring in Ukraine and its Training Center, as well as that of the MOLI-UA2 Project in 2008.

Training for Judges-Trainers

From 30 September to 2 October 2008, Appeal court judges from the Eastern regions of Ukraine and international experts gathered in Donetsk and Lviv, Ukraine, to examine real cases related to the legalisation of the proceeds from crime. Legal bases for combating money laundering in Sweden and Poland as well as international standards for combating ML/TF were also presented to the participants. The training took the form of a round table and all participants were invited to share their comments and experience. The training was organised with the help and participation of the Ukrainian Academy of Judges in Kyiv and its regional branches in Donetsk and Lviv. 36 judges participated in both trainings, and will be acting as an experts in future AML/CTF trainings to be organised by the Ukrainian Academy of Judges.

Regional Training for Law Enforcement Authorities

On 3 and 4 October 2008, Ukrainian and international experts gathered in Lviv, Ukraine, to discuss issues of counteraction to money laundering and terrorist financing. Experts from Lviv region, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and Belgium presented the co-operation between, for example, the Financial Investigation Unit and Law Enforcement Authorities in their country with a special focus on prosecution service on central and local level, customs and tax authorities.

Combating the Financing of Terrorism

The seminar on countering terrorist financing organised by Basel Institute of Governance will take place in Davos, Switzerland on 1-3 October 2008. The main topics on the agenda are the intelligence gathering, the cooperation between law enforcement bodies and private sector, and the use of modern technology. MOLI-UA2 Project provides for participation of the representatives of the State Committee for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine and General Prosecutor’s office.

 Link to the Agenda (english) and (russian)

Workshop on the Implementation of the International AML/CTF Standards and Monitoring of the AML/CTF System Effectiveness

On 11 and 12 September 2008, the Council of Europe organised this workshop in the outskirts of Kyiv, which gathered international experts and officials from Ministries, the National Bank of Ukraine, the State Committee for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine, the Tax Police and other public bodies. The aim was to present the current status of the Draft AML Law and discuss effectiveness of AML/CTF system.

Procurement of IT equipment and software

Tender procedures have been completed in the Council of Europe for the procurement of significant amount of IT equipment and software destined to further increase capacities of the Ukrainian system of combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Deliveries will be completed by the end of 2008.


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