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Octopus Conference 2008 - Presentations and discussion papers

Richard Archdeacon: Co-Operation against CyberCrime

Eduardo Azeredo: Brazilian Legislation on Cybercrime

Eduardo Azeredo: Hand Out

Leila Ben Debba: Policy Manager for the EMEA region, International Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Graham Butler (BITEK): VoIP guidelines

Cormac Callanan - Marco Gercke: Co-operation between service providers and law enforcement against cybercrime –towards common best-of-breed guidelines?

Peter Cassidy, Secretary General, Anti Working Phishing Group

Nora Chernavsky: Aspects of Criminal Procedural Law in Argentina

Nora Chernavsky: Hand Out

Tim Cranton: Cooperation against Cybercrime Hand out Microsoft

Daniel Cruz Cardenas: Cybercrime desk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Columbia

Greg Day McAfee: Virtual Criminology & Threat Reports

Nicola Di Leone: OC Groups Unit/ High Tech Crime Center, Europol

Draft guidelines on law enforcement - service provider cooperation

Sherif Hashem : Hand Out Security development in Egypt

Laurence Ifrah: Study Cybercrime - current threats and trends

Laurence Ifrah: Presentation Criminalité numérique Etat des menaces et tendances

Ivo Ivanov: Eco, Association of the German Industry, London Action Plan

Henrik Kaspersen: Chair of the T-CY, Professor of Computer Law, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jayantha Fernando: Cybercrime Legislation Sri Lankan Perspective

Fredes Insa: The need of a European Legal Framework Concerning Electronic Evidence

Fredes Insa: Hand Out

ITU Global Cyber Security Agenda

Bakhtiyar Mammadov: Ministry of Information Technologies, Azerbaijan

Edmon Makarim: Legal Adviser, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia

Nemanja Malisevic: Combating Terrorist Use of the Internet –The OSCE Experience

Chengetai Masango: United Nationls, Internet Governance Forum 2008

Markko Künnapu: Cybercrime legislation in Estonia

McAfee Global Threat Report (2008)

Gillian Muray: Tackling the use of the Internet for criminal activities The Role of UNODC

Noboru Nakatani INTERPOL : INTERPOL “ National Central Reference Points ” part :1-2-3-4

Claudio Peguero Castillo: National Police, Dominican Republic

Lorenzo Picotti/Ivan Salvadori: National legislation on cybercrime - comparative analysis and good practices

Project on Cybercrime: Progress report (December 2007)

Marco Salt: Aspects of Criminal Procedural Law in Argentina.

Ivan Salvadori: National Legislation Implementing The Criminal Law Provisions Of The Convention On Cybercrime Comparative Analysis and Good Practice.

Carlo Sarzana di Sant'Ippolito: President of the Scientific Council of the Camera Informatica Larizana, Lecco

Cristina Schulman: The implementation of the Convention on Cybercrime in Romania

Cristina Schulman: Hand Out

Alexander Seger Council of Europe: The Convention on Cybercrime: state of implementation

 Betty Shave: The State and the Effectiveness of Cybercrime Legislation-Experience and good Practice to be shared

Ulrich Sieber: Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg

Geronimo L. Sy: Philippines: Proposed Cybercrime Prevention Act Hand Out

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

Rob van den Hoven van Genderen: Discussion paper on Cybercrime investigation and the protection of personal data and privacy

Rob van den Hoven van Genderen: University of Amsterdam, Netherlands - presentation

Pedro Verdelho: The effectiveness of international cooperation against cybercrime - examples of good practice

Pedro Verdelho: Prosecutor, Lecturer at the Center for Judiciary Studies, Lisbon - presentation