The consultation process

“Open and inclusive” 

The White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue will be the end result of an “open and inclusive” consultation process, ensuring that the experience of the various stakeholders is reflected in the final document. The consultation process will also help to ensure that the White Paper, once published, induces a lasting discussion process and leads to practical implementation by as many partners as possible.
In April 2006, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe set down the guidelines for the consultation process. They outline the consultation process with:

Consultations will be organised through written questionnaires, discussions and dialogue events, written reports and individual contributions, such as through this web site.

More information on how you can contribute to the White Paper

Consultation document 

In order to facilitate the consultations, the Council of Europe developed a “consultation document”, which can be downloaded here. The document presents the background, the aims and the mechanisms of the consultation process and outlines the envisaged messages of the White Paper. It also contains more than 30 questions.

More information on the consultation questions


At present, the highlights of the consultation process include:

The consultation period is expected to last from the end of 2006 to May 2007.
The White Paper is expected to be adopted by November 2007.

Consultation questionnaires 

In order to solicit the views of the major stakeholders, the Council of Europe uses a general questionnaire (contained in the “consultation document”) as well as a number of specific questionnaires designed for particular groups. Examples are the questionnaires for:

Updated information on the consultation process


The consultation process will be accompanied by a group of eminent intellectuals and high political representatives, who will meet to evaluate the results of the consultations and to contribute to the drafting of the final text of the White Paper.