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Current Trends in International Migration in Europe, Professor John SALT, Consultant, Migration Research Unit, University College London,

A handbook for front-line professionals. Life Projects for unaccompanied migrant minors (2010) ; Louise Drammeh - en; fr; it; es; de; ru

Policies on irregular migrants:

Volume IV: Spain and the United Kingdom (2010); Rosa Aparicio, José Maria Ruiz de Huidobro De Carlos, Colin Manchip - EN ; FR
Volume III: France, Portugal and Poland (2010); Marnia Belhadj, Nuno Piçarra, Francisco Borges, Anna Kicinger - EN ; FR
Volume II: Republic of Armenia, Greece, Russian Federation (2008) ; Vardan P.Gevorgyan, Jennifer Cavounidis, Irina V.Ivakhnyuk - EN ; FR
Volume I: Italy and Germany (2008); Laura Zanfrini, Winfried Kluth - EN ; FR

Economic migration, social cohesion and development: towards an integrated approach (2009) ; Patrick Taran with Irina Ivakhnyuk, Maria da Conceição Pereira Ramos and Arno Tanner - EN ; FR

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Repatriation of persons following the political changes in central and eastern Europe (1997) - EN ; FR