Octopus Interface 2008

Octopus Interface 2008Cooperation against Cybercrime

Tuesday 1 - Wednesday 2 April 2008
Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France


The 2008 Conference focused on the cooperation between service providers and law enforcement, the state of cybercrime legislation and the effectiveness of international cooperation.

In the face of the increasing vulnerability of societies to the threat of cybercrime  the Conference provides a platform for enhancing cooperation among key stakeholders from around the world.


On the agenda:

Service provider - law enforcement cooperation
The state and effectiveness of cybercrime legislation
The identification of new cybercrime threats

International cooperation and the functioning of 24/7 points of contact.


The Conference was opened to those professionally involved in matters related to cybercrime:

Criminal justice and law enforcement officials, including 24/7 points of contact

Representatives of ministries, parliaments or other institutions involved in cybercrime legislation

Private sector representatives, including in particular service providers

International organisations

Non-governmental organisations and researchers.


The plenary sessions as well as workshops 1 and 3 were opened to the media. Click for a LIVE WEBCAST of these sessions.

The conference adopted a set of conclusions and the guidelines for service provider - law-enforcement cooperation.

The Conference will be followed by the meeting of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) on 3 and 4 April 2008.


Conclusions of the conference

Guidelines for law enforcement - service provider cooperation ADOPTED

English | French

Other discussion papers and reports now also available


Final list of participants

Programme (update 27  March)

Programme in Russian

Useful information


Presentations and discussion papers
Cybercrime legislation (questionnaire)

Country profiles on cybercrime legislation

24/7 points of contact


Cybercrime Convention Committee
The Convention on Cybercrime
The Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism

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