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[23/03/2014] Empowering youth: a shared responsibility for cities and regions
[22/04/2014] Youth education and training: regions invest in twin-track schemes
[27/03/2014] Lowering the voting age to 16: a way of increasing young people’s democratic participation?
[27/03/2014] Anne Brasseur : “In response to the crisis in Ukraine, the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress must speak with one voice'
[26/03/2014] The Council of Europe Congress adopts a declaration on the situation in Ukraine
[27/03/2014] Local and regional democracy in Sweden
[18/08/2014] Comment renforcer la démocratie par les médias électroniques ?
[27/03/2014] Human rights policy at regional level: examples of good practice in Europe
[27/03/2014] Local democracy in Armenia
[27/03/2014] The Congress calls for the release of Leyla Güven
[27/03/2014] Local and regional democracy in the Netherlands
[26/03/2014] Local and regional democracy in the United Kingdom
[26/03/2014] The Congress adopts a strategy on the right of local authorities to be consulted by other levels of government
[22/04/2014] Roma youth inclusion through respect for their rights and access to education
[26/03/2014] Is there a real place for young people in local and regional democracy?
[26/03/2014] The Council of Europe Congress, promoter of human rights implementation at local and regional level
[27/03/2014] Signature of a Cooperation Agreement between the Congress and the European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF)
[25/03/2014] Local governance and implementation of human rights at local level among the priorities of the Austrian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers
[25/03/2014] Publications: Special edition on the 20th Anniversary of the Congress and “The State of the Congress 2013” magazine
[25/03/2014] An action plan for cooperation between the Congress and the Assembly of European Regions
[25/03/2014] “Participatory democracy: sharing, proposing, deciding” will be the slogan of the 2014 Democracy Week
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