All the guests of the Congress Session
Plenary Session of the Congress (27-29 May 2008) Strasbourg, France

Minister Kiviniemi spells out ways to enhance Council of Europe’s work on grass-root democracy
Importance of democracy is best known at its roots, says Swedish Minister Mats Odell
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Terry Davis says Congress is vital for the Council of Europe
Local diplomacy thrives through twinning between towns, according to Kaoru Kurata
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Shogo Arai: ''Local-to-local communications help discover diversities of life, cultures, history and people'' (more ...)
Antun Palaric: ''In Croatia, national minorities are represented in all local and regional self-government bodies'' (more ...)
Ukraine’s new concept of State regional policy means decentralization of power and systematic reform of local self-government, says Vasyl Kuybida (more ...)
Governor of Novgorod pledges support for interregional and transfrontier co-operation 

Luc van den Brande: ''The multi-level protection of human rights could become a new common 'democratic refrain''' (suite...)
Alan Meale: ''Parliamentarian or local representatives: our aim is respect for citizens’ rights'' (more...)
Forming an area of peace, stability and co-operation is the goal of the Adriatic Euroregion, says Ivan Jakovcic (more...)
The other themes of the session
A new Congress
Social cohesion and sustainable development
Invited personal


Yavuz Mildon is the new Congress President, Ian Micallef was re-elected President of the Chamber of Local Authorities and Ludmila Sfirloaga was elected President of the Chamber of Regions
Election of 3 new Presidents



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