Debate on the new Urban Charter
Spring Session of the Congress
13-14 March 2008 - Malaga, Spain

Committee on Sustainable Development approves new Urban Charter: Manifesto for a new urbanity

Willy Borsus, Mayor of Somme-Leuze (Belgium), presented, on behalf of Rapporteur Carlos Pinto, Mayor of Covilha (Portugal), the advances and challenges of European Urban Charter II: Manifesto for a new urbanity. The new text, which was approved by the Committee on Sustainable Development, sets out a body of common principles and concepts enabling towns and cities to meet the current challenges facing urban society. It offers citizens a new vision of towns and cities as places which celebrate diversity, solidarity, sustainability and innovation.

Carlos Pinto: ''The new Urban Charter must pave the way for the city of tomorrow'' (more...) Interview



Congress President calls on Israeli authorities to stop expropriation of land of Palestinian communities (more...)


Sustainable development
City diplomacy
The new Urban Charter
Local and regional democracy in Spain
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