Interview with Kathryne BOMBERGER, Director-General, International Commission for Missing Persons

Interview with Rachita TANEJA, Cartoonist, India

Interview with Natallia PINCHUK, Wife of Ales Bialitski, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2022, Belarus

Interview with Ignacio RODRIGUEZ HERNANDEZ, Co-Founder and Director, EPIX, Venezuela

Interview with Aidan KOHN-MURPHY, Founder, Gen-Z for Change, USA

Interview with Prakash BHATTARAI, Executive Director, CSC, ‘Sadbhaav’ project, Nepal

Interview with Steffi NIEDERZOLL, Director of the film "7 Winters in Teheran", Germany

Interview with Yevhen POPOV, Co-founder of PolitScanner, Ukraine


Interview with Kathrine KRONE LAURENT, Co-founder, The Democracy Fitness Movement

Interview with Eliot HIGGINS, Chairman and Creative Director, Bellingcat

Interview with Ernest SAGAGA, Secretary-General of the OACP Press Clubs Federation and President of Ibuka for survivors of the Tutsi genocide

Interview with Bruce Bueno DE MESQUITA Political scientist, professor at New York University

Interview with Rory MONTGOMERY, Mitchell Institute, Queen’s University Belfast; RIA, Trinity College Dublin

Interview with Žaklina ŽIVKOVIĆ, Executive Director, Polekol, Serbia

Interview with Shole PAKRAVAN, Mother of Reyhaneh, a victim of the death penalty