Ms Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð GYLFADOTTIR, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland

Oleksandr RESHETKOV, Secretary General, European Democracy Youth Network

Geeta SESHU, Journalist and media analyst, Founding Editor of the Free Speech Collective

Sviatlana TSIKHANOUSKAYA, Representative of the Belarussian democratic opposition

Richard WIKE, Director of global attitudes research, Pew Research Centre

Beatrice NICOLINI, Professor of History and Institutions of Africa and Religions, Conflicts and Slavery at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano

Lt Col (Ret.) Alex VINDMAN, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, former Political-Military Affairs Officer

Ben PHILLIPS, Activist organiser for justice, United Nations, author of "How to Fight Inequality"

Mathias CHARLES, President of Live Love France & International

Tomislav DAMNJANOVIĆ, Campaign strategist and Founder of Mandate

Volodymyr FLONTS, Head of E-Democracy NGO, Ukraine

Marco GAROFALO, Photojournalist and Founder of Concrete Jungle

Christina KOKKINAKIS, Director for Values and Multilateral Relations, European External Action Service

Bjørn BERGE, Deputy Secretary General, Council of Europe

Nabil FELAH, Senior Strategy advisor to governments and Co-founder of "Madha Yahduth?” (What's going on?)

Peter EMERSON, Borda Institute

Dalit WOLF GOLAN, Eco Peace Middle East, Democracy Innovation Award Winner 2021

Roberto FOA, Centre for the Future of Democracy, University of Cambridge

Joan HOEY, Europe Director and Editor of the Democracy Index, EIU

Tsakhia ELBEGDORJ, President of Mongolia (2009 -2017) and Member of Club de Madrid

Colin CROUCH, Professor Emeritus, Warwick University, author “Post-Democracy: After the Crises”

Alicia COMBAZ, Founder and CEO of

Riccardo REDAELLI, Director of the Center for Research on the Southern System and Wider Mediterranean

Carlos GUADAMUZ, Executive Director of The Hague Peace Projects

Nuala HAYES, Chairperson of Storytellers of Ireland/ Aos Scéal Eireann