National training course in human rights education in Thessaloniki, Greece National training course in human rights education in Thessaloniki, Greece

The Youth Department in partnership with the organisation United Societies of Balkans during 4 – 8 July has organised a national training course in human rights education in Thessaloniki, Greece. The aim of the training was to raise participants understanding and awareness of the key concepts of human rights and human rights education, volunteerism and leadership through non-formal educational activities.

Eighteen young Roma and non Roma participants from Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa, Volos, Veria, Kozani, Korinthos and Ksanthi had the opportunity of sharing their experiences, exchanging their opinions and discussing on topics that are of relevance of the Roma community in Greece. With the purpose of exploring good practices and experiencing the everyday realities of the Roma, participants visited the Roma settlements of Dendropotamo and Agia Sofia in Thessaloniki.

By the end of the training participants developed few initiatives that they would like to implement within the local communities. Some of the proposed initiatives included workshops on the Roma Genocide, workshops on human rights education, seminars on family planning and reproductive health, friendly football game with the purpose of fighting antigypsyism as well as a creation of a youth center within a Roma settlement. The team of trainers will continue its support and mentorship in the next period as a follow up and support to the local initiatives developed by the participants.

The course was supported by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe as an integral part of its Human Rights Education Youth Programme and the Roma Youth Action Plan.

Roma Youth Action Plan Roma Youth Action Plan