Izhevsk is the capital city of the Udmurt Republic, Russia, located on the Izh River in the Western Urals area. Izhevsk is the site of one of the most famous arsenals in Russia, at which Mikhail Kalashnikov designed his famous AK-47 assault rifle. During Soviet times Izhevsk was a closed city, with restricted access for non-residents.

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Izhevsk is the capital of the Udmurt Republic, Russia. It has a population of 611, 000. The majority group (Russians) makes up 59% of the city’s inhabitants. The ethnic composition of the city’s population in descending order comprises: Udmurts 30% and Tatars 9.6%. The most up-to-date GPD/capita figures for Izhevsk are of 4307606 rubbles.

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