Call for local consultants to help strengthen good governance at central and local level in Greece through providing policy advice and capacity-building assistance to the Greek authorities to (a) improve the allocation and execution of competences to provide emergency sheltering to victims of natural disasters; and (b) enhance service delivery through inter-municipal cooperation.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 26.03.2019

  • Terms of reference
  • Act of engagement
  • Frequently Asked Question:
    “Following the call “Provision of local consultancy services in the field of governance at central and local level in Greece in the framework of the “Technical Assistance Project on Delivering Good Governance in Greece” we would like to ask about the pre-requisites that have to be fulfilled by a legal person, in order to participate in the previous mentioned call.”
    When the tenderer is a legal person, the official registration document under the national legislation needs to be provided, in addition to all other documents listed in the tender file. There are no constraints on the form of legal entity , with the exception of consortia.