Leadership Academy for Cross Border Cooperation: Hungary-Ukraine

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Yanoshi, Ukraine 8-12 July 2019
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Leadership Academy for Cross Border Cooperation: Hungary-Ukraine

The Centre of Expertise for Good Governance, in cooperation with CESCI - Central European Service for Cross Border Initiatives, is organising the first training on cross-border cooperation for local authorities of Ukraine and Hungary from 8 to 12 July 2019. Two trainings will be held in Ukraine, and one in Hungary. The participants, including representatives of the bordering Ukrainian and Hungarian local authorities, the Tisza EGTC, CESCI, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development, will be introduced to new thinking about cross-border cooperation and good governance at local level in a very interactive way, a range of innovative training techniques will be used.

Participants will examine the challenges faced by cross border municipalities and learn how good leadership can tackle those challenges by strengthening the institutional capacities of the municipality and working effectively with local people and organisations; they will develop the awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes that form the foundation of good leadership. In addition, the participants will learn how to apply the Council of Europe legal and capacity-building tools on cross-border cooperation.

Practical consultations and assistance on the concrete CBC projects and structures can also be provided in the course of the programme.

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