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European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage
Title European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage
Reference ETS No.066
Opening of the treaty London, 06/05/1969  - Treaty open for signature by the member States and for accession by non-member States
Entry into Force 20/11/1970  - 3 Ratifications.

The Convention applies to all remains and objects, or any other traces of human existence, which bear witness to epochs and civilisations for which excavations and discoveries are the main source, or one of the main sources, of scientific information.

The Parties accept to delimit and protect sites and areas of archaeological interest and to create reserve zones for the preservation of material evidence to be excavated later. The Parties undertake, as far as possible, to prohibit and restrain illicit excavations, to take the necessary measures to ensure that excavations are authorised and entrusted only to qualified persons, as well as to control and protect the results obtained. Moreover, the Parties accept to take measures to ensure scientific publication concerning excavation and discoveries, to facilitate the circulation of archaeological objects for scientific, cultural, and educational purposes and to endeavour to raise public awareness of the historical and cultural value of the archaeological heritage and the necessity to preserve it.

The Convention emphasises the principle of international co-operation, namely in the field of international circulation of archaeological objects (i.e. State control concerning acquisition policy by museums).

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