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Відображення мережевого вмісту

SHORT FILM COMPETITION Proud of our Heritage, Open to the World

Відображення мережевого вмісту

The Big Reveal

We have our winners!

Yes, the short film competition organised by the EU Delegation to the Council of Europe, with the support of the Council of Europe, has come to end.

After receiving around 60 videos the jury has chosen a winner and made a selection of the ten best submissions. You have also voted for your favourite short film and left your comments.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and contributed with their creativity.

Take a look at all the winners.

Відображення мережевого вмісту

 Who is the jury winner? 

The winner of the Jury Prize is Domenico from Italy for his short film "A Homogeneous whole". This movie was chosen by the jury both for its aesthetic form and interesting content. Cultural heritage is not easy to define and comprehend and it was the spirit of the competition to try to put images, words and personal experiences at the centre of this complex concept. Reflecting on the meaning of cultural heritage and the importance to recognize its value, Domenico grasped the spirit of this competition and charmed the jury.

Watch it below:

A Homogenous Whole - Domenico - Italy



Відображення мережевого вмісту

 Who is the public winner?

The public award goes to Ilker from Turkey for his short film "ROM". Focusing on the big picture, the film allows us to experience the bitterness in Roma culture. The movie left the biggest impression on the audience and gained the most votes from you.

Watch it below:

Rom - Ilker - Turkey


 The Best Comment

The author of the best critique delivered through a comment is Niluefer! Read what she wrote about the short movie "CULTUREMAKERS":

 I watched the movie like I was also at the wedding. It's like I was there at Moria. I think that culture is to sincerely embrace all the beauties of the world. And I am thinking that you have accomplished this and you have established great friendships through culture. So you will bring peace and freedom to the whole world ... congratulations ...


Cultural heritage matters!

Cultural heritage is about beautiful buildings loaded with history. Is it only that? It goes beyond! It is also the special spices you put in your food that make others cough, that dress your grandmother sew when she was young and you are so proud of, or the deafening music that just makes you dance. Take a look how the other competitors have interpreted the topic.


Відображення мережевого вмісту


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