Strategic Priorities for 2012-2013

On 18 January, the Agenda 2020 Group and the Secretary General held an exchange of views on programme priorities for the Organisation for 2012-2013. The proposals resulting from this process are the starting point for the consultations with member states representatives that began this week. In this context, a retreat for the Ambassadors and the Secretary General to reflect on the political objectives for the current decade has taken place on 21 January in Château de l’Ile.

At this stage, programme priorities are based on the following 6 strategic axes: Protection and Promotion of Human Rights; Threats to the Rule of Law; Development of Pan-European common standards and policies; Justice; Democratic Governance; Sustainable Democratic Societies.

The identification of political objectives for the current decade and of programme priorities will be the cornerstone of the second-package of reform measures to be presented to the Committee of Ministers on 16 February, and will determine the contents of the first biennial programme of activities/ budget for 2012-2013. Staff members will be informed about the development as soon as the on-going consultations will allow.