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Ms Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold, member of the PACE Governmental Representatives highlight progress and loopholes in the national legislation
9 October 2007 – Espoo (Finland)
In the concluding discussion panel of the Council of Europe Regional Seminar on “Support and protection for victims of domestic violence: Services needed” moderated by PACE Member Ms Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold, governmental representatives highlighted progress and loopholes in their legislation, methodology and professional approach. (more)
Whereas some countries indicated they would wish to adopt the minimum protection measures identified in Mr Mendes Bota’s report and Resolution 1582 (2007) - such as “Making domestic violence against women including marital rape a criminal offense” (Lithuania and the Russian Federation), “Setting sufficient numbers of safe emergency shelters” (Estonia, Finland), many others expressed their readiness to go further – such as “Improving the level of co-operation at local level and between actors” (Norway, Estonia), “Improving education at all level” (Iceland), “Better organising the mediation” (Norway) and “Increasing the support to perpetrators” (Denmark).

  • Denmark: Soeren Felbaek, Department of Gender Equality of the Ministry of Social Affairs

  • Estonia: Maarja LUHISTE, Chief specialist on Domestic violence, Ministry of Social Affairs

  • Finland: Helena EWALDS, Senior Officer, Ministry of Social Affairs

  • Iceland: Sigrun JONSDOTTIR, Project Manager at University of Iceland

  • Latvia: Viktorija BOLSAKOVA, Senior specialist, Ministry for Child and Family affairs

  • Lithuania: Dalia PUIDOKIENE, Director of Klaipeda Centre of Psychological and Social Assistance

  • Norway: Line NAERSNES, Senior Adviser, Department of Police;

  • Russian Federation: Galina SHCHUKOVSKAYA, Deputy Head of Division of Criminal Law, Ministry of Justice