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More than 100 Members of the Parliamentary Assembly have committed themselves to supporting the Council of Europe Campaign "stop domestic violence against women"

Parlementarians, join them and sign the online declaration to combat domestic violence against women


Domestic violence against women is a scourge affecting the whole of Europe. It is a human rights violation that must be combated in all Council of Europe member states. It requires joint action by our parliaments, governments, local and regional authorities and non-governmental organisations.It is an issue that concerns us all, men and women alike. It is time to break the silence.

We members of the parliaments of Council of Europe member states, together with the members of the parliaments enjoying observer status with the Parliamentary Assembly, undertake to use all the means at our disposal to condemn domestic violence, mobilise our governments, foster awareness among our fellow citizens and promote changes in the law, in accordance with Council of Europe standards.We therefore express our full support for the Council of Europe Campaign "Stop domestic violence against women".




Form to be sent back (duly signed) to the Secretariat

Liste des signataires