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Why an Assembly action ?

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Domestic violence against women is on the rise again and occurs in every single Council of Europe member state. It knows no geographical boundaries, has no age limit, is not the preserve of any particular race, and occurs in every kind of family relationship and in every sort of social milieu. Domestic violence is characterised by violent conduct in various forms, physical, sexual or psychological, or it may be based on financial dependence. Domestic violence is one of the most widespread violations of human rights in the world and must be combated in all Council of Europe member states.

The action seeks to:

1. Denounce domestic violence as a human rights violation which is not acceptable in democracies committed to the fundamental values of the Council of Europe;

2. Elicit public debate to encourage the fight against domestic violence against women in the 46 members states of the Council of Europe;

3. Encourage national parliaments to become actively involved in combating domestic violence through the implementation of the pan-European campaign in 2007.