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The European Convention on the protection of pet animals (1987, ETS 125) contains provisions to protect pet animals, and seeks to establish a basic common standard of attitude and practice towards pet ownership. Provisions are included on breeding, boarding, keeping,.... The Convention also aims at regulating trading in and breeding of pet animals, at prohibiting the modification of their natural appearance and at reducing the number of stray animals.

The Convention provides for Multilateral Consultations of the Parties at least every five years, to examine the application of the Convention and the advisability of revising it or extending any of its provisions. The Multilateral Consultations are prepared by a working party.

At the Multilateral Consultations held in 1995, the Parties adopted Resolutions aiming at facilitating and harmonising the implementation of certain provisions of the Convention.

For their work , the Parties have invited non member States of the Council of Europe and cooperate very closely with non-governmental organisations representing the fields concerned: breeders, veterinarians, specialists in animal behaviour, animal protection associations etc. who participate as observers in the meetings.

Current work:

No activities are currently ongoing.