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Executive summary of proceedings of the 45th meeting of the T-AP
(adopted by the T-AP)

The Standing Committee of the European Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming purposes (T-AP) held its 45th meeting in Strasbourg, on 25-27 November 2003.

During this meeting, it adopted a definition of an animal’s “essential needs” as part of a glossary which could include definitions of key expressions for the tasks of the Committee under the Convention. It also adopted a revision of Article 14 its rules of procedure.

The Committee was informed about the proposed revision of its Recommendation concerning pigs, with a view to its adoption at the next meeting. It agreed that the next task of the Committee should be the revision of the Recommendation concerning cattle.

It also continued the elaboration of a draft Recommendation concerning rabbits, and it agreed on the need for analysis of the available knowledge with respect to space allowances and enrichment structures. The Bureau was instructed to define the most appropriate way to proceed.

It then continued to examine the provisions of the general section of a draft Recommendation concerning farmed fish, with a view to their possible finalisation at the next meeting. Discussion on the elaboration of the species-specific appendices was left to the Bureau and to the next meeting.

Finally, it elected its Chairperson and the three Vice-Chairpersons for a two-year term.

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